OddStorm Review – Arbitrage Betting

oddstorm reviewI was recently contacted by OddStorm who asked me to review there arbitrage betting software.

I am always pleased to find people who are actively looking to have their service trialed by others as they must be confident that their service is of a high quality.

So, what is OddStorm?

OddStorm is arbitrage software which you can use on their website in your web browser or you can download their software and run it from your desktop.

If you don’t know what arbitrage betting is you can read my article here explaining how it works.

In short arbitrage means you place a bet at one bookmaker and place the opposite bet at another bookmaker in order to lock in a profit regardless of the result.

The odds that create these arbitrage opportunities usually don’t last very long and are often reduced within a few minutes so it is important that you are able to act fast to take advantage of them.

OddStorm claim they are currently are the fastest at updating live odds to users of their service, updating in play odds every 1-3 seconds and pre-match odds every 15 seconds.

This is around 2-3 times faster than any of their competitors such as Betburger and Rebelbetting.

I asked them how they manage to provide these odds so much faster than their competitors. Here’s their response.

“Almost all arbitrage services use the same way to scan the bookmakers odds. The secret is in the way our server processes the odds and how we deliver the odds to our customers.

This is what we are very good at. No one else has found as fast a way as we have to deliver the odds to the customers. We are delivering the odds every 1-3 seconds for InPlay and every 15 seconds for PreMatch.

This is 2-3 times faster than other services and that’s why our customers are the first to see if there is an arbitrage situation. This is one of the reasons most of the professional arbitrage players choose us instead of our competitors. We are really proud of this.”

Currently OddStorm is only set up for football covering all the major and minor leagues, although OddStorm tell me they are looking to add more sports to their service in the coming months which will result in even more arbitrage opportunities.

What markets does OddStorm cover?

OddStorm cover a wide range of bets that they scan to find arbitrage opportunities. A complete list of all the markets OddStorm cover is below.

  • 1X2
  • 1X2 Corners
  • Double Chance
  • Over/Under
  • Over/Under Home
  • Over/Under Away
  • Over/Under Corners
  • Over/Under Home Corners
  • Over/Under Away Corners
  • GG/NG
  • Odd/Even
  • Odd/Even Corners
  • Odd/Even Home
  • Odd/Even Away
  • Correct Score (as Under Goals)
  • AH (including DNB)
  • AH Corners

PreMatch and InPlay

There are two main sections to Oddstorms software. The first being PreMatch and the other being in play.

Under these two main sections is some subsections. The most important ones being Surebets, Middles and Polish Middles.

All of these features can be used either InPlay or PreMatch.


This section covers your standard arbitrage bets and shows any arbitrage opportunities that are currently available.

You can alter the settings at the side to only show certain bookmakers that you are interested in so it will only show arbs for those bookmakers.

When you click on an arb it will show you what odds are available and at which bookmaker. There will also be a bet calculator above the odds where you can enter how much you wish to bet on one of the outcomes and it will calculate how much you need to bet on the other outcome to guarantee a profit.

Once you know how much you need to bet you will have to load up the two (or sometimes three) bookmakers websites and place your bets.

You currently have to open the bookmakers website and navigate your way to the bet yourself. For that reason I would advise you have the bookmakers websites already open and on the football page.

OddStorm are however working on an auto navigation system that will allow you to click a link on their site or software and get taken straight to the bet on the bookmakers website.


A middle takes a bit more time to get your head around than a sure bet but once you know how it works it’s just as simple.

These bets are like a mix between a surebet and regular gambling and are a great way of winning more money than you would with a sure bet with lower stakes.

In short you are going to be betting on two separate outcomes such as over 2.25 goals and under 2.5 goals. If there were 2 goals scored in the entire match then you would win the whole of the under bet and take back half of your over bet meaning you win 1 and half bets.

If there was to only be one goal scored your under bet would win covering most of the losses from the over bet and if 3 goals or more were scored the over bet would cover most of the losses from the under bet.

OddStorm’s middle software finds middles which aim to minimize any losses and rate their bets on how likely they are to “win the middle”. OddStorm recommend betting on all middles with a probability score of 8 or more.

The calculator works out the amount you are required to bet keeping it fairly straight forward.

Polish Middles

OddStorm can also find polish middles. Now you are probably wondering what on earth a polish middle is?

A polish middle is similar to a middle except you are aiming for the middle outcome not to occur which is the opposite to a middle.

The losses on these bets will be larger than middles but your strike rate should be higher giving you similar results.

Is this service as good as it sounds?

That’s the question I was wondering so I tested it out myself to see if it would live up to the hype. I tried it out on Monday afternoon and evening.

I started by adjusting the settings in OddsStorm to only show arbs for Bet365, William Hill, Betvictor, Ladbrokes and Bwin and had a tab open on the in play football page for each of those bookmakers.

Below is my results.

oddstorm review

I spent around 20 minutes mid afternoon and a further 30 minutes on Monday evening placing these bets which gave me a total profit of £42.54.

Not bad for just under an hours work.

You’ll noticed I placed a few in play bets and only one pre match bet. This was due to the fact that there wasn’t many PreMatch arbs available when I was using the software for the bookmakers I selected.

The PreMatch arbitrages that were there were for games taking place later on in the week and I wanted to just show you results that would actually settled so I ignored them for my review.

The speed of OddStorm was the main factor that made this kind of result possible. I have used other less professional arbitrage software in the past and I would often find by the time the software had spotted an arb and I was going to place my bets the odds were getting cut.

Of course this will still happen when using OddStorm, but, it should happen a lot less often and I haven’t experienced it in my short time using OddStorm.

New to arbitrage betting?

If you are new to arbitrage betting please check out my article explaining it in more detail here.

My main advice would be to start off with fairly low stakes at first.

This is due to the fact that it is very easy to make a mistake when arbitrage betting which can cost you your stake on a bet if you are unlucky.

If you are new to arbitrage you will make mistakes when you are learning and those mistakes are a lot less painful and damaging to your bankroll if you keep your stakes small till you get the hang of it.

Account closures and limits

You may be thinking “won’t arbitrage betting cause my bookmaker accounts to be closed or severely limited?”

The short answer to this is yes.

Bookmakers don’t like it when there customers constantly “take value” from them which you will be doing when you bet at the favorable odds the arbitrage software advises.

This will cause them to either severely limit your stakes on bets or close your account completely.

The time it takes between opening a new account and the bookmaker closing it can take between days and years depending on the bookmaker and your style of betting.

To prolong the life of your accounts I would advise rounding your bets up to intervals of £5 (or £1 for smaller stakes) so you are not placing odd sized stakes that the bookmakers could use to spot that you are an arbitrage gambler.

Having your accounts closed down isn’t really that big of a problem.

It only takes a small amount of work to set up a new bookmaker account/pseudo account.

If done correctly the bookmaker will be unable to link your second account to your original account which they have closed or limited.

For a full guide on how you can create pseudo accounts read this article here.

Free Trial

By just registering on OddStorm’s website you can try out their software for free, either in your browser or by downloading their software.

This gives you limited access to sure bets up to 1.10%. (which means you will win up to 1.1% of your total stake on these arbitrage bets)

This is good if you are just looking to get to grips with the software allowing you to place some small bets so you can practice.

So how much does OddStorm cost?

The full version of the software gives you access to all of the surebets as well as middles and polish middles.

You can choose whether you want to buy a subscription to their in-play arbs, pre match arbs or both and they are all available for different subscription time frames.

Please see a full chart of their pricing below.

oddstorm price

OddStorm also offer a VIP plus subscription which costs a little more, however this currently doesn’t give you anything extra. (so not sure why OddStorm are offering it just now)

Oddstorm have told me that this will change in the future as they add further improvements to their software.

Final Thoughts on Oddstorm

Oddstorm is software which is aimed at serious arbitrage gamblers and this is reflected in the price of a subscription. You really need to be placing sizable stakes to make this worth your while.

However, if you are looking for top of the range arbitrage software you currently won’t find anything better than this.

I was mainly impressed at the inplay section of their software and the speed at which the odds were being updated. You can get away with a slower piece of software on pre match odds but you would really be struggling to get your bets placed in time on the in play bets with slower software.

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about OddStorm and trying their free version click here.

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