Profit Maximiser Review

profit maximiser review

profit maximiser reviewYou are probably either reading this Profit Maximiser review because you’ve already had some success with Bonus Bagging.

Or maybe you already have a number of betting accounts open but want to know how you can continue to make money from matched betting.

Either way, you want to know whether Profit Maximiser is something that is worth spending your hard earned money on.

Before I get started with this review I’d like to make it clear that I am referring to Profit MaximiSer (with an “S”), the matched betting product and not Profit MaximiZer (with a “Z”), which is a binary trading scam that you should avoid like the plague.

Now, back to the review!

So to determine whether or not Profit Maximiser would be beneficial to you, let’s take a look at what it actually is.

What is Profit Maximiser and how does it work?

At it’s core Profit Maximiser is a service that focuses on finding matched betting opportunities for people who have completed all the easy and obvious sign up offers available.

If that’s all this service was, it would be worth every penny, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Before I joined Profit Maximiser I thought matched betting was just an opportunity to make a few hundred quid from sign up offers and then £20 – £30 every now and then when I got sent an offer via email.

Profit Maximiser really opened my eyes to how much money could actually be made from matched betting on a regular basis.

It is very possible to make £500 – £1000 a month from this service and some of the more serious members are making closer to £2000.00 a month.

Here’s a screen cap I just took from the private Profit Maximiser facebook group to give you an idea of what existing members think of the service.

profit maximiser1

There’s even a guy who bought an Aston Martin with the money he made from Profit Maximiser who often shares his knowledge of matched betting in the private facebook group.

What does a membership to Profit Maximiser get you?

  • A calender full of matched betting offers for existing bookmaker customers with instructions for each.
  • Another 30+ sportsbook sign up offers.
  • 25 casino sign up offers.
  • 4 spread betting sign up offers.
  • 100+ bingo sign up offers.
  • Lots of training videos explaining everything you need to know.
  • Access to the private Facebook group.

The Profit Maximiser Calendar

profit maximiser calendar

Above is a screenshot I just took of the Profit Maximiser calendar. As you can see, there are plenty of offers for you to get stuck into each day.

Clicking on an offer on the calendar will take you to a page that has full instructions on how to complete the offer as well as a link to the offers post on the private Facebook group.

If you are having trouble completing an offer you can follow the link to the Facebook post where someone may be able to help you. The Facebook community is very friendly and supportive of new people still learning the ropes.

How much time will this take up?

The more time you put into matched betting, the more you will get out.

That being said the majority of Profit Maximiser members are just normal people who live normal busy lives and they still manage to make good money from Profit Maximiser.

If you are willing to spend 30 minutes a day on Profit Maximiser, there is no reason why you can be making at least £300 a month from it.

Recommended Starting Bank

It is advised that you have at least £500 spare before you get started with Profit Maximiser.

This is because you will need to have money sitting in various different betting accounts in order to complete the various offers.

This is not to say that you couldn’t make money from this service if you had less than £500 but you are going to be able to complete more offers, more quickly if you are able to have some money in multiple betting accounts at the same time.

You should be able to raise most of the money required for an ideal starting bank by completing the various sign up offers advised in Bonus Bagging.

Could you profit from matched betting without Profit Maximiser?

If you are comfortable with the concepts involved in matched betting and are happy to spend the time searching for all the offers yourself then there is no reason why you couldn’t make good money matched betting on your own.

But would you be making as much as you would if you were a member of Profit Maximiser?

I highly doubt it.

I know I wouldn’t have made anywhere near as much money from matched betting as I have done without it.

This is mainly due to the massive amount of time saved by not having to search for offers and the fact that Profit Maximiser has shown me countless opportunities to profit from matched betting that I wouldn’t of known existed had I not signed up.

How much does it cost?

A years subscription to Profit Maximiser will cost you £97+Vat.

You should easily make this back within your first couple of weeks and I’ve even heard of people making the cost back within a couple of days.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you go ahead and purchase this service and then decide it is not for you, you can easily get a full refund under the Clickbank 60 day money back guarantee.

So if you are still undecided about whether  Profit Maximiser is right for you, there really is no reason for you not to try it out.

To get started with Profit Maximiser, just follow the link below.