Profit Accumulator Review

profit accumulator review

profit accumulator reviewIn this Profit Accumulator review I’m going to take a look at what Profit Accumulator actually is and how it compares to an older but similar service by the name of Profit Maximiser.

I first remember hearing of this Profit Accumulator service a few months back and I suspected at the time it was a copy of an existing service that you may have heard of, Profit Maximiser.

Profit Maximiser is an excellent service that has been around since mid 2013 and I regularly use it to help me make money from matched betting.

If you are unfamiliar with what matched betting is, this article should help bring you up to speed and show you how you can make money matched betting.

You can also read my full review of Profit Maximiser here.

Profit Accumulator was recently brought to my attention again and I realized that over the past few months it had managed to amass quite a following.

So I thought to myself, Maybe this isn’t just a Profit Maximiser clone.

Maybe, just maybe, Profit Accumulator have found a way to improve on what was currently available with Profit Maximiser.

Maybe it has brought something new to the table so to speak.

After a quick search through google looking for Profit Accumulator reviews, I failed to find any that seemed to be written by any reputable reviewers that I would trust.

So I decided I’d see what all the fuss was about for myself and purchased a 1 month subscription.

Here’s how the services compare.

Profit Maximiser vs Profit Accumulator

Profit Maximiser

  • 32 Sportsbook Sign Up Offers with instructions (another 30 included in Bonus Bagging)
  • 23 Casino Sign Up Offers
  • 4 Spread Betting Sign Up Offers
  • 14 Training Videos
  • 6 Types of Bingo Offers (100+ offers)
  • A Calendar Full of Ongoing Offers (around ~8 a day)
  • A Large, Active and Supportive Private Facebook Community
  • Matched Betting Calculators

Price: £116.40 per year  + one a time payment of £32.40 for Bonus Bagging

Profit Accumulator

  • 52 Sportsbook Sign Up Offers with Instructions
  • 20 Casino Sign Up Offers with Intructions
  • 10 Training Videos
  • 5 Types of Bingo Offers with Instructions (~30 offers in total)
  • ~20 Ongoing Offers with Instructions(reloads and recurring offers)
  • Large Private Facebook Group
  • Matched Betting Calculators

Price: £150 per year (as of 1st September 2015)

And the winner is…

The old, tried and tested Profit Maximiser comes out on top.

Profit Maximiser is simply more user friendly and does a better job of bringing relevant offers to your attention through the use of the Profit Maximiser offer calendar.

The Profit Maximiser Calendar

profit maximiser calendar

You know exactly what offers you can complete each day and check them off as you go through them, where as Profit Accumulator gives you a list of offers and leaves you to go through them manually having to find out whether a particular offer is relevant for today or not.

When it comes to the services themselves (The part that counts!) Profit Maximiser blows Profit Accumulator straight out of the water.

In its current form, Profit Accumulator is just a watered down, priced up, copy cat version of Profit Maximiser, so if you are considering joining a matched betting service, my advice would be to stick with Profit Maximiser.

If you want to find out a little more about Profit Maximiser you can read my full review here: