Bonus Bagging Review

bonus bagging reviewCan you really make £500 in a month from matched betting?

That’s the question I was wondering when I first came across Bonus Bagging and no doubt you are too.

And it’s a questions I intend to answer in this Bonus Bagging review.

Up until I came across Bonus Bagging, I had dabbled a little bit in the world of matched betting, completing the odd sign up offer and a few recurring £5 risk free slot offers but that was about it.

In a good month I’d make an extra 20 quid and I was quite happy with that.

I knew there was a little potential to make some more money from matched betting if I would ever get round to completing more sign up offers but it seemed like more hassle than it was worth.

Then one day I was browsing the internet and came across this product called Bonus Bagging that claimed I could make £500 in one month from matched betting and that I wouldn’t have to even spend a whole lot of time each day to achieve that £500.

Naturally I was a bit sceptical but it had caught my attention.

So I done a bit of searching to see if I could find out what other people were saying about Bonus Bagging and was surprised to find many people were saying that this product was the real deal.

It came with a 60 day money back guarantee and was sold through a reputable third party retailer called Clickbank so I thought why not give it a try and just get a refund if it doesn’t live up to the claims on the sales page.

So that’s exactly what I did and suffice to say, I never needed to request a refund.

What is Bonus Bagging and how does it work?

Bonus Bagging is a service designed to help you make risk free profits from bookmaker sign up offers with the use of matched betting.

If you’re not familiar with what matched betting is then you can read this article to get a basic understanding of it.

In short, matched betting is a way of betting with the bookmakers own money (bonuses and sign up offers) and betting for and against one particular outcome in order to profit regardless of the result.

Do I really need Bonus Bagging?

It is certainly possible to make money from matched betting without the use of Bonus Bagging, it’s just a tool that will make matched betting a whole lot simpler and easier.

If I had never used Bonus Bagging I would have likely carried on make an extra 10 or 20 quid a month from matched betting and I would have been fairly happy with that.

But what Bonus Bagging did for me is open my eyes to the true potential of matched betting and how much money you can really make from it.

So if you are just starting out matched betting, or even if you have a little experience like I had, I would recommend using Bonus Bagging.

There are two main reasons for this.

1. It will save you a lot of time and hard work.

Bonus Bagging will save you so much time and effort.

If you use Bonus Bagging this is how your typical sign up offer will go.

1 .Visit the Bonus Bagging website and click request new bet.
2. Check your email and follow the simple instructions.
3. Collect your profits.

If you decide to do it yourself, here’s how your typical sign up offer will go.

1. Search Google for offers.
2. Carefully read the offers terms and conditions.
3. Find a close match in the odds for your qualifying bet.
4. Calculate the correct lay stake for the qualifying bet and place bets.
5. Find a close match in the odds for your free bet.
6. Calculate the correct lay stake for the free bet and place bets.
7. Collect your profits.

Three steps or seven steps. The choice is yours.

2. You can’t go wrong.

If you’re going to do it on your own you will need to be extremely careful to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

If you are new to matched betting it is very easy to go wrong.

If you are using Bonus Bagging, so long as you follow the instructions, you can’t go wrong.

When you request a bet you will get an email telling you what to bet on and at what odds as well as how much you need to lay in order to make a guaranteed profit.

Bonus Bagging In Action!

When you sign in to Bonus Bagging for the first time you will arrive on this landing page.


The first thing you want to do is click the big button that says “request a new bet”.

Doing so will take you to the page below.


Once on this page, click the grey request new bet button. A message should appear telling you an email will be sent to your inbox in the next few minutes.

Go to your inbox and check for the email.


Mike has sent me instructions for the Totesport signup offer and has advised what bets to place.

I followed the instructions in the email and back Burnley at Totesport and layed Burnley at the Betfair exchange.


Regardless of the outcome of the match, one of the above bets will win and I will have made a small loss of £0.78 with a £25 free bet to come.

Once my free bet has been credited at Totesport I would go back to the Bonus Bagging website and click the claim free bet button.

Doing so will take you to the page below.


Select the bookmaker who has given you a free bet from the drop down menu (in this case, totesport) , enter the value of the free bet and hit the claim free bet button. bonusbagging6

Once you receive the email for the free bet, follow the instructions in the email and lock in a guaranteed profit.

In this case I will back Bristol City with my £25 free bet at totesport at odds of 3.4 and lay Bristol City for £17.91 at odds of 3.4 on the Betfair exchange making me a profit of £17.01 whatever happens.

After my small loss of 0.78p on the qualifying bet and my profit of £17.01 on the free bet I am left with a total profit of £16.23 after completing this offer.

In the Bonus Bagging product you will find another 25+ offers like this with full email instructions as well as a growing list of sign up offers and instructions for some lesser known bookmakers.

How much does it cost?

So by now you probably like the sound of Bonus Bagging but are wondering how much it costs.

It will cost you a one off payment of £27.00 + VAT.

Note: On top of the cost of the product you will need at least £100.00 that will be used to place your bets. (if you follow the instructions this money is never at risk)

How much money can your make from Bonus Bagging?

If you complete all of the main sign up offers available with Bonus Bagging you will make at least £430.

When I used Bonus Bagging I completed all of these offers in less than a month spending around 15 minutes per day on the offers.

So let’s be generous and say it might take you a maximum of 30 days, spending half an hour each day.

So all in all it should take you no more than 15 hours to complete all of the offers. (30 x 0.5 = 15 hours)

Therefore if we take the total profit (~£430) minus the cost of the product (~£30) and divide that by the number of hours it will take to make that profit (~15 hours) it works out that Bonus Bagging will make you a minimum of £26.66 profit per hour.

Not too shabby, eh?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you go ahead and purchase this service and then for some reason decide it is not for you (maybe you don’t like winning money?), you can easily get a full refund under the Clickbank 60 day money back guarantee.

So if you are on the fence about this service, there really is no reason for you not to try it out.

If you are interested in making that £430.00 guaranteed profit you can get started now by following the link below.