Bigfoot’s Betting Secrets

bigfoot's betting secrets

Many years back, I used to enjoy reading about wacky conspiracy theories on a site that went by the name of “Above Top Secret”.

The people who regularly posted on that site had some strange ideas. They had conspiracies on big-foot, chem trails, dead celebrities, secret societies, UFO sightings and countless political conspiracies. You name it – There’s a conspiracy on it.

The last time I checked, it wasn’t that great anymore, but a few years back that site made for some very entertaining reading, despite most of it being complete nonsense.

Which got me thinking how all those conspiracy theories are a bit like the betting system theories.

Just take a look at any betting forum and you won’t have to look too hard to find some writing about an idea they had for a betting system.

Most of the time, the ideas people have for betting systems can be a bit koo-koo.

But just like conspiracy theories, every now and then there is a little bit of truth to then. And sometime there is even a lot of truth to them and they can turn out to be very profitable.

However, koo-koo betting theories rarely turn out to actually be profitable betting systems, and just like conspiracy theories… the ones that do work (or are true) are usually kept a closely guarded secret so they can remain profitable.

And while it can be fun to try and come up with your own weird ideas and angles for potentially profitable betting systems, you can skip all that theory malarkey and get straight to the profits.

All you’ve got to do is copy the bets of an expert who’s already got it all worked out.

Such as one of the tipsters in the Winners Odds portfolio.

These guys aren’t some wacko, tin-hat wearing, betting system theorists either.

Their bets are based on hours of study each day, and many years worth of betting knowledge.

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