A Clever Way to Lock in Profit


Ever considered following a tipster but decided not to, due to the inevitable up swings and down swings?

Are you looking for something more reliable that you can consistently use to lock in profit, every single day?

Well I have a clever strategy you can use to do just that.


My strategy involves following tipsters who specialize in picking overpriced selections from bookmakers early prices.

Two tipsters who you can use to do just that are Value Racing Tips and Master Racing Tips.

These tipsters send out their tips at around 5pm the day before the racing and pick overpriced early selections.

Because these selections are overpriced the odds will ,more often than not, quickly drop due to a combination of the selection being initially overpriced and the backing the selection is receiving from people following the tipsters.

The Strategy

You can take advantage of this drop in price to lock in some low risk profits.

All you have to do is follow the tipster and bet some money on the selection when the price is still high. Then all you have to do is wait until the next again day before the race starts and lay the selection on an exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets.

You can simply use a matched betting calculator such as this to work out your lay stake and guaranteed profit.

Enter your initial stake you placed on the selection in the bet amount box.

Enter the odds you backed it at the previous evening in the back odds box and enter the current exchange lay odds in the exchange lay odds box.

Then click calculate to work out your lay stake, place your lay bet at the exchange and the betting calculator will display the profit you have made in the overall profit box.

Simply repeat this for each selection the tipster advises each day to lock in profit day after day. Enjoy!



  • I often kick myself as I have considered this trading tactics before but lack of cash and courage made me walk away but now with this new information I will give it another bash

    • It is well worth giving it a bash Graeme. This trading strategy is a great way to use a tipster service such as VRT and MRT without taking as much risk as you would be from just backing the selection.

  • […] However there are a couple of tipster, most notably Value Racing Tips and Master Racing Tipster who send out there selections the night before the horse racing between 5pm and 8pm to take advantage of overpriced selections in the bookmakers early prices. […]