Did The Horse You Backed Get Stuck On An Escalator?

I recently took a trip down to London and the one unusual thing I noticed was how the people there use escalators.
I was amazed that pretty much everyone there used the escalators “properly”. If you’ve ever used the tube in London you’ll know what I’m talking about.
The people who just want to stand on the escalator and let it take them up or down all stand to one side, leaving the other side clear for anyone who wants to walk on the escalator.
This is completely contrary to everywhere else I have been in the UK where people seem to enjoy standing still and clogging up the entire escalator. I mean they’re called escalators for a reason… they’re meant to “escalate” the speed you are traveling at.
Maybe it’s just be who gets frustrated by this, but it’s a bit similar to frustration experienced when you watch a horse that you’ve backed who looks like a certainty to get stuck behind a couple of donkeys towards the end of a race.
You can’t stop things like that happening – luck will always play its part – but there are methods you can use to deal with things like this.
Like protecting your betting from bankroll losing runs by using a smart bankroll management strategy.
Your bankroll management strategy could be as simple as splitting your bankroll into 200 points and betting 1 point level stakes on each bet you place.
Whatever you do, if your serious about making money from your betting, you need to have some kind of bankroll management strategy.
Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull