Betting Zombies

If you take a moment to look away from your screen for a second and take a look around, you will likely see at least one other person staring into some sort of screen screen.

Recent studies show that the average person in the UK now spends more time staring at a screen than they do sleeping.

And this trend is very apparent within the betting industry do with more punters opting to place their bets online and an increasingly big chunk of the money wagered at actual betting shops is being wagered on the fixed odds betting terminals.

Walk into a betting shop and you’ll likely see a line of zombie like beings, mesmerized by flashy machines, betting against a machine that is guaranteed to win. It’s almost like a scene from some sort of dystopian novel.

But could these changes actually be a good thing for anyone who is willing to put a little bit of thought and research into their bets?

After all, if the bookmakers start making more profits on their online slots and in store fixed odds betting terminals, they could be more likely to drop their margins on sports betting by offering slightly better odds to encourage more of their slots and casino customers to wager more with them.

Making it a little easier for the traditional punter to make a little extra money from their betting.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Either way, we are not quite there yet.

Until then, if you need any help getting started beating the bookies, there is always Learn Bet Profit.

Until next time,

Kenny Turnbull