Don’t Quit The Day Job

About a week ago, I was reading an article about staking plans, and in the comment section there was a chap, full of good intentions, talking about a betting system he had invented.

It wasn’t profitable to level stakes, but he was now using some sort of progressive staking plan that he said had been profitable recently. He also mentioned that he was going to quit his job soon and just make money using this betting system he created.

Not wanting this guy to make a terrible mistake, I tried to reason with him that his system wouldn’t be profitable in the long run using any staking plan, if it was not profitable to level stakes.

A staking plan can only serve to increase the risk and reward of betting, or decrease the risk and reward. It cannot make an unprofitable system profitable.

He replied back that “you can if the losing runs are short enough”.

I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to change peoples minds – so I didn’t spend anymore time trying to convince him otherwise. (Life’s too short to waste time arguing in internet comment sections.)

The fact remains, you can’t control the length of a losing run.

You can predict the likely maximum length of a possible losing run based by taking the the typical odds you bet on and using some fancy math. But you could experience a losing run that is a little longer than what you predicted.

This is betting after all, and you can never escape lady luck.

And if the bets you are placing are not profitable to level stakes over the long term, they can’t be profitable over the long term using any staking plan.

You might be able to get away with murder for a little while using a progressive staking plan, but sooner or later it’ll come back to bite you on the arse.

If want to start placing bets that are profitable to level stakes, take a look at some of the tipsters at the link below:

Until next time,

Kenny Turnbull