Win More By Betting Less

It sounds like I’ve got that backwards, but you are actually more likely to win more money if you bet less often.

It’s all to easy to get carried away and bet, just for the sake of betting.

Take a trip out to any race course and you’ll see the same people betting on every single race and they all too often end up backing a horse at 10 to 1 that doesn’t come in until half past five!

All bad jokes aside.

It’s no surprise that these people more often than not head back home with empty pockets whilst the bookies make a killing.

And the reason is clear, these people don’t know each of the races well enough to have spotted value in them all, if any!

The very best tipsters won’t be able to spot a value bet in every single race. So the average punter who mainly bets as a hobby has no chance.

But if instead of betting on every race, they took their time to study the race cards, find a few races that stand out them. (eg. they have some prior knowledge of the horses who are racing in the race etc.)

And they studied those races in more detail to find an advantage…

And only bet when they had found what they believe is a value bet…

They would have a much higher chance of walking away a winner at the end of the day.

And the same goes for betting on football or any other sport. If you can’t find a value bet, don’t bet.

Long story short, you can give yourself a much better chance of winning by taking a selective approach to betting.

That’s all for now.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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