Profit Through Specialization

In keeping with the subject of the last article about becoming a profitable bettor, here’s a little story about another path you can take to beating the bookies.

I was speaking to an acquaintance recently, and naturally, the talk turned to betting.

Now this guy wasn’t much of a bettor himself but he was telling me about his 18 year old son who had made a couple of grand of the last few months by betting on under 20’s ice hockey.

And the reason his son had managed to do this was because, he himself was an ice hockey player and he knew the sport and the teams at this level of the sport very well.

So well in fact, that his level of knowledge surpassed the level of knowledge of the odds compilers at the bookies allowing him to spot value bets where the bookies had priced certain teams to high and take advantage of this.

This 18 year old kid wasn’t a betting genius or anything of the sort. He simply had a specialized knowledge of a sport the bookies don’t know a whole lot about.

The lesson I took away from this story was that anyone can learn how to spot value bets and beat the bookies in the long run and the trick to doing so is to specialize.

It must be a nightmare being a bookie and having to price up odds on a wide variety of sports.

The bookies odds compilers are usually pretty good at pricing up the odds on popular sports like football and tennis, but when it comes to more obscure sports they often won’t have a specialist to price the odds for them meaning the odds they price up will just be “good enough” for them to make a profit from most punters betting on it.

But if you have an interest in a slightly obscure sports and follow that sport enough to develop a specialized knowledge then there is some easy money to made in taking advantage of this weakness in the bookies odds.

The bookies have to take bets on almost every event going.

But you don’t.

So specialize your betting down and tear the bookies apart.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull