How Steve Doubled His Betting Bankroll In 6 Months


tradegrindI recently came across a website that’s worth reading if you’re interested in making a living – or a sizeable second income – from your betting.

It’s called and I came across it after Steve (the man behind the site) reached out to me on Twitter.

His site has a US focus to it. But it still makes for very relevant reading, regardless.

Steve bets on a variety of sports including MBA, MMA and tennis – using picks from various handicappers, and a few systems of his own.

Steve started his blog back in December 2016 (about 6 months ago) with a bankroll of $2,000 as an experiment to see if it would be possible for him to make a living from betting on sports someday.

In that time he has more than doubled his bankroll, and as of his last update, he’s currently sitting on a bankroll of $4483.39.

Now, I know a profit of +$2,483.39 over 6 months might not sound like a lot, and Steve hasn’t quit his day job just yet… However, you’ve got to consider that as his bankroll grows, his stake sizes will continue to grow, and so will his profits.

Such is the power of compounding.

You can read his latest post – What I learned after making 2,031 bets – at the link below:

Until next time,

Kenny Turnbull