What’s the deal with virtual betting?

Virtual betting is act of betting on computer generated images of sporting events such as horse racing, dog racing, motor racing, football etc.

The odds on these virtual betting games are around about 90% meaning that every £10 you wagered, you could expect to get an average of £9.00 back.

If you’ve ever watched a virtual race before you might have thought to yourself, “just how random is this virtual racing malarkey?”

The major companies behind the software claim that it all works on random number generators and there is no way of knowing the outcome of the races prior to the races running.

Whether the bookmakers can have any control over the outcome or if the software increases the chances of certain selections winning where they have the least liability is a question raised by many a bookmaker conspiracy theorist, but it’s a moot point as the odds are already fixed in the bookies favour.

There is no fluctuation in prices, no form that you can study, no inside information, absolutely no way of gaining any sort of edge.

So, if you’re not the sort of person who enjoys losing money, why would you ever want to get involved with virtual betting?

For the most part you shouldn’t but every now and then a bookmaker will run an offer that can swing the odds in your favour.

Most notably, Betfred quite regularly run a variety of good value offers on virtual racing such as “bet £10 on virtual racing and get a £10 free bet if your first bet loses”.


This kind of advantage play is the only proven way of gaining any sort of advantage when it comes to virtual betting and is good for making a quick and easy 10 quid whenever an offer comes along.

Until next time,

Kenny Turnbull