Your Check-Up With The Betting Psychologist Is Due

mindset of a professional gambler

If you asked me what the single most important factor for being a profitable punter was…

I wouldn’t say it was the ability to spot a good value bet…

Nor would I say it was having the discipline to stick with a bankroll management and staking strategy…

And whilst both of those factors are very important, and you would struggle to make a profit from your betting without them…

I believe the MOST important factor for being a profitable punter is placing bets that are suited to your psychology.

What I mean by this is, if you almost piss your pants at the thought of sticking £100 on a 10/1 shot, you probably want to stick to betting on lower odds horses which will have a better chance of winning.

However, if you don’t mind long losing runs and are happy enough to wait it out for a big win, then betting on long shots might suit you.

Just as they say there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also many ways to make a profit from betting.

You can find value bets at all different odds ranges, so if betting on long shots doesn’t suit you, there’s no point betting on them.

The reason why I believe this is the most important factor for being a profitable bettor, is because betting is a long term game.

If you want to make a decent profit from your betting, you need to be in it for the long haul.

And you are not going to stick with it, if you’re constantly placing bets that aren’t suited to your temperament.

So if you’re looking for a tipster that advises bets that will suit your temperament, check out the Winners Odds tipster portfolio where you will find the average odds of the selections each tipster advises along with their most recent results.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull