Eliminate Lengthy Withdrawal Times

In order to get the best odds the bets you place, you have to have a number of betting accounts with various bookmakers and use an odds comparison website such as oddschecker to quickly see who has the best price.

You also need to actually have some money in each of those accounts in order to be able to place your bets.

It’s not always practical to keep money in all of those accounts, especially if you don’t use some of them all that often.

But transferring money from one bookmaker to your bank account and then into another bookmaker is a process that can take days due to lengthy withdrawal times.

3 – 4 days seems to be about the average time it takes from the time a withdrawal request gets put in with the bookie to the time the money ends up in your bank, although I’ve known it to sometimes take longer.

I’ve found that the withdrawal times for E-Wallets such as Paypal and Neteller tend to be much quicker though, with withdrawals reaching my account within a day, sometimes even within an hour.

I now just keep some money in four accounts which I find myself using most often and transfer money in and out of any others accounts using an e-wallet when needed.

If your not using an e-wallet already and you want to reduce your withdrawal times (and who wouldn’t?) I highly recommend setting one up.

There are however, a couple of things you’ll need to watch out for with some bookmakers.

Some bookmakers don’t offer promotions and offers unless you deposit with a debit or credit card so make sure you check the t&c’s before depositing.

I’ve only seen this before with a couple of bookmakers though. You will be fine with the majority of them.

That’s all on e-wallets for now.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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