Have You Tried Matched Betting?

Have you ever tried matched betting?

If you’ve never heard of matched betting before, here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

Bookmakers regularly advertise free bets, and welcome bonuses in an attempt to “bribe” people to open an account with them.

Matched betting takes advantage of this by using those free bets and bonuses in such a way that is risk free and guaranteed to make you a profit.

I’ll not get into the full details of it all works here – if you want to find out more, give this article a read: http://WinnersOdds.com/Make-Money-Matched-Betting

If you’ve not tried matched betting before, you really should consider giving it a go.

You are basically getting paid to open new bookmaker accounts.

It’s not just pocket change we’re talking about here. It’s very possible to make over £500 in just a couple of weeks doing this, spending no more than 15 – 30 minutes a day.

And what’s more, opening all these new betting accounts will mean you can shop around for better odds at more bookmakers, meaning you’ll make more money from your regular betting too.

If you fancy giving it a bash, here’s a link to the article again where you can find out more:


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Kenny Turnbull