Quitting Before You Start

I all too often hear of people telling me they started following a tipster for a couple of days – they lost some money – and then they quit.

Then they will quite often go looking for the another tipster or system to follow. And once again, they will give up on that before they really get started.

The real reason these people aren’t making any money from their betting isn’t because the tipster they were following isn’t any good.

It’s because they lack the patience and discipline to stick with it.

Two days, two weeks or even a months worth of results isn’t usually enough to time to consider ditching a selection process or tipster.

Betting is a numbers game. You won’t win every bet, but if you are taking value with the bets you place, you will have an edge.

And that edge will manifest itself as profits over the long haul.

But if you don’t stick with a tipster or selection strategy for long enough, you don’t give that edge a large enough amount of bets to really work in your favour.

You need to set yourself a big enough bankroll to cope with losing runs, and have enough confidence in your selection methods to stick with them.

If you’re picking your own selections, you can develop that confidence by paper trading your selections first. (I.e. recording your results, but not actually betting)

Or if you’re following a tipster, you can have confidence in that tipsters bets by only following tipsters who have proven themselves to be profitable over the long term.

Such as all the tipsters in my tipster portfolio.

I have confidence in all of those tipsters selections and back them myself.

So if you’re ready to give a tipster service a proper go, take a look at the tipster portfolios results here:


Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull