Missed A Bet? Fuhgeddaboudit!

If you follow any tipsters, you’ll no doubt of missed a bet a few times.

There are plenty of reasons why you could miss a bet.

Whether the odds the tipster advised got cut before you could place the bet…

Or if the odds are only available at a bookmaker where your restricted or gubbed…

Or whether you just didn’t have access to your emails at the time.

So what should you do in these situations?

If the odds have been cut below the odds the tipster advised the bet at, you shouldn’t place the bet.

A small 10% difference in the odds you place your bets at could mean the difference between turning a profit and making a loss.

Instead you could check back later to see if the odds have returned to the original advised odds.

But if the odds don’t return to the advised odds or you simply just don’t have the time to check later, take the advice of the Italian mobsters and fugeddaboutit!

Missing a bet isn’t worth worrying about.

If your focus is on making long term profits then missing a few bets here and there should not matter.

It can be a little frustrating if you happen to miss out on a big priced winner, but it’s not worth taking slightly shorter odds to get that short term boost.

There will always be another bet to place, so as long as you keep placing value bets, you should still walk away a winner in the long run in spite of missing the odd bet here and there.


Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull