What Did You Expect?

high rollers betting review

When some people sign up for a tipster service, I often find they have very unrealistic expectations of what sort of results are achievable.

And I’ve noticed that they have these crazy expectations because they think they can get away betting with a small bankroll. (Sometimes 50 points or less)

The size of bankroll you need for your betting will depend on what you are betting on, (favourites, longshots, something in between or a mixture?)

But as a general rule of thumb, a bankroll size that suits most peoples betting will be somewhere around 200 and 400 points.

Certainly nothing low as 50 points!

But if you think you can get away with using a bankroll as small as 50 points, you would think that you could double your bankroll every 2 or 3 months if you were following a few decent tipsters.

Which you would if you got lucky. But your chances of hitting a losing run and going bust before that happens are fairly high.

If you’re betting to sensible stakes (e.g. 200-400 point bankroll), the most you can realistically expect from your betting is to double your bankroll every 6 – 12 months.

For an example of that sort of result, just look at the tipster portfolio: http://www.WinnersOdds.com/Tipster-Portfolio

And even doing that is tough.

Doubling your bankroll in 12 months might sound impressive. And it is, you’d be hard pushed to find any other kind of investment that can do that.

But if you are only betting with a bankroll of £500, you’re only going to be up £500 after 12 months and you’ll be left wondering, was it even worth it.

Maybe if you got some level of enjoyment from those bets, it would be worth it to you.

But if you were just in it for the money, there would have been better ways to could have spent your time and made that £500 a lot quicker.

On the other-hand, if you started with a bankroll of £20,000 and you managed to double that in 12 months, just by placing a few bets each day, I imagine you would be delighted.

You can’t expect to achieve miracles from your betting, but you can make a good return on your initial investment if you know what you’re doing.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull