I Shouldn’t Be So Harsh On Lottery Gamblers

lottery balls in a rowBeing someone who views betting in terms of value, a bet to me either represents positive value (meaning the odds available on the bet are higher I think they ought to be) or negative value.

So I’ve often shunned the idea of people buying lottery tickets as a lottery ticket represents a massively negative value.

The average Saturday night lotto jackpot is about £5 Million and your chance of winning that are about 1 in 45 Million.

So clearly a lottery ticket is a bad bet.

But am I just too caught up in viewing the lottery in terms of value, and missing the real reason why people buy lottery tickets.

I think so.

People don’t buy a lottery ticket because they think it’s a good bet.

They buy a lottery ticket because it allows them to dream.

So long as they have a ticket, there’s always a chance, however small, that their numbers will come up.

They can dream about how there life would change if they had all that money and how they’d be able to escape the humdrum reality of their current day to day life.

So a lottery ticket might be a terrible value bet. But £2 is a small price to pay to dream.

But that’s all it is.

Just a dream.

And quite frankly, I’d rather live life instead of dreaming about it.

So instead of buying a lottery ticket and dreaming about your numbers coming up, why not do something that really works such as following some of the tipsters from the Winners Odds tipster portfolio.

Doing so isn’t likely to make you £5 Million richer.

But it is likely to make you some good profits over the long term.

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Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull