Why Only 1% Of Bettors Make Any Money

You may have heard a figure being bandied about that only 2% of all bettors actually make a profit in the long run…

And this figure is probably much less than this when you narrow it down to the number of bettors who are actually making enough to earn a living from their betting income.

Numbers like that can make it sound like it is almost impossible for someone to earn a decent amount of money from their betting, but these figures are actually quite deceiving.

In fact, you can greatly increase your chances in becoming one of the coveted 1% of profitable bettors by having two separate traits.

And those traits are patience and professionalism.

The majority of the betting public view betting as a “fun” pastime and will opt to bet a few quid on the weekends, usually on some daft accumulator that they hope will pay out at high odds.

I have never seen the appeal or “fun” in losing money on stupid bets like these, no matter how much or how little.

So if you can adopt a more professional approach to your betting, you are already going to be light years ahead of the average bettor.

The next step towards a more professional approach to gambling comes with having some sort of plan.

That plan should consist of having a betting bank of at least 200 points, some sort of sensible staking plan so your not betting two much on any one selection and some sort of way of picking value selections.

That way might be a proven betting system that you’ve made yourself or learned from someone else, it might be through detailed form study or it might be through following the selections of a proven tipster (and if you’re looking for a proven tipster, you can find the ones I recommend here).


And once you’ve got a plan in place, you are going to have to strictly follow it and have a lot of patience. You will likely sustain long losing spells, but, you’ll also likely experience some amazing winning runs, and so long as you’re plan is built upon a solid foundation, you will likely turn a good profit in the long term.

That is the traditional approach to joining the ranks of the profitable bettors.

However, there are other less bumpy routes you can take to get their too, such as matched betting, advantage play, low risk trading strategies etc.


Whatever route you choose to take, beating the odds and becoming a profitable bettor isn’t as hard as it first might appear.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull