Hostile Bookies

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Have you ever heard of a bookmaker who won’t take a bet?

You probably have, and there’s a good chance a bookie has refused to take a bet from you. But to most people outside of betting circles, the idea that bookies refuse bets is almost unimaginable.

Bookies don’t like winners and they’re doing everything in there power to clamp down on them. Even more so now with the UK bookies profits taking a massive hit from increased taxes.

But there’s no need to accept the bookmakers hostility to winners.

There are actions you can take to get around these restrictions, so if you’re giving up trying to get a bet placed after being refused, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

After all, if your bets are being refused, I would assume you’ve had your fair share of betting success so far (although this isn’t always the case), and that it would be worth a little bit of extra trouble to get those bets on.

The big plays in the betting world go to various lengths to get big bets placed. £10,000, £30,000, even £50,000. This is usually achieved by having a team of “putter on’ers” placing lots of smaller bets.

Now if they can get bets of that size placed, surely you can get your smaller bets placed too – and without having to go to such extremes as having a big team.

You could instead have a mate you trust put the bet on for you, or try placing the bet at a shop instead of online, or go through the temporary hassle of setting up a number of pseudo accounts for yourself. (You can find instructions on how to do so here: )

Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, and the bookies will continue to do whatever they can to make it difficult for consistently profitable bettors to bet with them, but ultimately is up to you when you decide to stop betting. Not the bookies.

If you haven’t experienced account restrictions of closures yet, you’ve not been winning enough. If you want to fix that, consider following one or more of the tipsters in the tipster portfolio.

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