How To Hunt A Bookie

how to hunt a bookie

If you want to know how to hunt prey, you should ask a hunter.

What you shouldn’t do is ask the prey.

And not just because the prey can’t speak…

Because even if it could speak, do you really think it’d tell you how best to hunt it?

No, not a chance!

In fact, if the prey could speak it would probably try to trick you with some misinformation and tell you how not to hunt it.

But asking the prey how to hunt it is exactly what a lot of punters are doing – like when they take advice on what to bet on from the bookies – either in the form of “best bets” that some bookies put on their race cards, or in the form of racing preview articles and podcasts where a pundit (who is paid by the bookies) gives their thoughts and advises selections on an up and coming race.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

They’d be far better of taking advice and tips from people who actually make a profit from their betting, i.e the “hunters”.

Or in other words, a tipster.

But not just any old tipster.

A profitable tipster who has proven they know what their doing with a great track record of results.

Such as the tipsters in the tipster portfolio:

Stop asking the prey how to hunt and start asking the successful hunters.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull