How To Reduce Your Betting Risk And Make More Money

If you’re a regular reader of my emails, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of portfolio betting.

And not without good reason…

Portfolio betting alone is responsible for a significant chunk of my betting profits.

A betting portfolio can consist of various selection strategies, systems and tipsters. And one of the easiest types of portfolios to quickly put together and profit from is a tipster portfolio.

There main reason for subscribing to a tipping service is to take advantage of the tipsters expertise in the areas of betting which they specialise in.

Obviously you should only subscribe to a tipster who’s results show a profit over the long term and are independently verified.

But if you can find multiple tipsters that fit this profile, there are a couple good reasons why you should subscribe to more than one of the. (Effectively, creating your own tipster portfolio.)

Reason #1. Tipsters tend to specialise within specific areas of specific sports. By following a variety of tipsters you will built a diverse portfolio that is less susceptible to risk.

Reason #2. If you follow more tipsters who are profitable, you will make more profits.

Not every tipster is going to make a profit every month. But so long as the tipsters are profitable over the long term, adding more of those tipsters will increase your average monthly profits.

You can view all the tipsters I currently follow, and see just how profitable portfolio betting can be at the link below:

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull