Do You Possess This Vital Betting Skill?

There’s one specific skill that makes profiting from betting a lot more easier for those who have it than those who don’t.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that it’s almost impossible to turn a profit from your betting without this skill.

So what is this vital skill?

Is it having the ability to consistently pick winners?


Anyone can pick winners. Just bet on the favourite every time and you’ll end up betting on the winning horse just over 30% of the time. But you will lose money doing this.

Is this vital skill having the ability to spot a “value” bet?

Once again, nope…

Spotting bets that are good value is important, and you won’t be able to turn a profit from your betting in the long run without betting on value, but it’s not a vital skill as you can pay a profitable tipster to find value bets for you.

Here’s some tipsters I recommend:

The vital betting skill, that’s almost impossible to turn a profit from your betting without is…


And if you managed to read through everything above, and didn’t skip ahead to find out what the vital betting skill was then you’ve got more patience than most people.

Making a profit from your betting is long term game. You aren’t going to start making big profits over night.

But with a little bit of patience – (so long as your placing value bets, and your betting within your means) – you’ll start racking up the profits over time.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull