“You Can’t Do Better Than An 8% ROI From Betting”

I’ve often heard it said by so called betting experts that you can’t do better than an 8% ROI from sports betting.

But Lee, better known as the Master Racing Tipster from Betting Gods obviously didn’t get that memo. Or if he did, he must have scrunched it up and lobbed it in the bin.

Because Lee’s tips have been making an return on investment of over 35%.

If you look at his results since he started tipping at Betting Gods almost 2 years ago, his tips have produced an average ROI of 38.14%.

And if you just look at his ROI over the past 9 months since I’ve been proofing his results in my tipster portfolio, his average ROI stands at a whopping 48.06%.

That means for every £10 you bet on his tips, you can expect to make an average of £4.81 in profit.

Not too bad, eh?

If you’re not signed up to his tips already then I suggest you seriously consider signing up.

And if you’re thinking Master Racing Tips sounds too good to be true (and I really can’t blame you if you do), then you sign up for a 30 day free trial and see for yourself.

Here’s the link: http://WinnersOdds.com/Master

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull