GM Betting Review

gm betting

gm betting

Update: This services seems to have stopped, unexpectedly and no more bets are being sent out. Do not sign up for this service.

GM Betting is a horse racing tipster service ran by Gavin McAllister that went live in early June 2015.

Gavin claims his tips have made a total profit of 267.52pts since 2014 to 1pt level stakes with 16 winning months out of 17.

Gavin says he averages about 30 bets a month or 1 a day but this will vary depending on the racing that day.

Gavin advises and records all his bets to BSP although he mentions that you could get better results by placing these bets at a BOG bookmakers in the morning when the bets are advised.

All of these claims sounded very promising so I contacted Gavin and arranged a two month trial of the service to see if it could live up to expectations.


As per usual, I have trialled the service for 2 months, placing all bets at 1pt level stakes and recording my results to BSP (Betfair SP).

The standard 5% Betfair commission has been deducted from any winning bets.


gm betting results

Running Bank

gm betting running bank

GM Betting – Stats

gm betting stats

If you want to take a closer look at these results, you can download my full results spreadsheet here.

My trial of GM Betting concluded with a total loss of £117.66 and a strike rate of 16%.

It was not the best of trials for GM Betting but losing runs are to be expected with average odds as high as 9.84.

Towards mid July, Gavin started sending out tips for his separate win/place service in the same emails as his win tips.

I have included these in the results of my trial as they were being advised in the same emails but have made a note of which bets are which in the final column labelled bet type.

I am not sure of the reasoning behind adding the win/place tips into the main emails as Gavin has not replied to any of my emails regarding this.

If you’re reading this Gavin, feel free to shoot me an email or reply in the comments below.

I can only speculate that it may be to do with the win service initially performing below par and the services have been merged to try and bolster the results a bit.

The win only bets produced a loss of 21.96 pts whereas the win/place bets produced a profit of 10.19pts.

You can view GM Betting’s unproofed results prior to its launch in June on his website by clicking the results link at the bottom of the page.

How much does GM Betting cost?

Gavin is providing his tips for a very reasonable price of just £2 a month which you pay as a one off upfront payment of £10 + VAT for 6 months.

6 Months – £10.00 + VAT

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because GM Betting tips is sold through Clickbank, the service comes with the standard 60 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service you can get a refund, no questions asked.

Final thoughts on GM Betting

GM Betting had a poor run during the trial, but I haven’t made up my mind just yet with this service.

The win/place tips look fairly promising and I’d like to see if the win only tips will pick up and start performing to similar levels as the claimed results of 2014.

I would also like to know if GM Betting is going to continue to merge the win only and win/place tips in the same email or if this is just a temporary thing.

I’m going to continue trialing GM Betting and will report back my results in another couple of months time. Note: Service seems to have stopped unexpectedly so there will be no follow up review.