The Professors Formula Tipster Street Review

the professors formula review

the professors formula reviewThe Professors Formula is a horse racing tipster on the Tipster Street platform. According to the service creator “the formula” has been an on going project for many years. After a great deal of tweaking the Professors formula has been perfected and the selections have been made public.

The Professors Formula is a fairly selective service averaging around 20 bets per month. Most of the bets that this service advises are at fairly high odds and as a result the Professors Formula has had quite a few decent priced winners recently.

At the time of writing The Professors Formula has made a profit of 73.09 points to advised stakes (which range between 1 – 3 points) since the service started being proofed by Tipster Street in July 2015.

The service currently has a strike rate of 28% and has averaged a +34% return on investment.

The tips are sent out via email between 9am and 11am each day. As previously mentioned this is quite a selective service so the service isn’t likely to advise a bet everyday. In the case of no bet being advised you will receive an email letting you know.

All bets are advised and recorded to the Betfair Exchange Starting Price.


I started my trial of The Professors Formula on the 4th of February.

All results are recorded to the Betfair SP with the standard 5% commission deducted from all winning bets. My bets during this trial have been recorded to level stakes as a pose to the services advised stakes. This is to allow easy comparison between the results of this service and alternative services.

You can find details of how The Professors Formula would have performed with advised stakes in the stats below my results.

My Results

professors formula results

If you want to take a look at these results in more detail you can click here to download the results spreadsheet.

Running Bank

professors formula running bank

The Professors Formula Stats

professors formula stats

The trial ended with a total profit of £143.34 to £10 level stakes with a return on investment of +30.51%. The high return on investment here is very impressive, but it should be noted that most of the profit produced during this trial came from 1 winner. – Down Time winning at odds of 12.11 on the 16th of March.

If it wasn’t for this winner the trial would have finished a lot closer to breaking even.

There is also a significant difference between the ROI to level stakes vs the ROI to advised stakes. This level of variance is a result of the service being quite selective and the small sample size of results from the period of this trial. For that reason I’m probably going to continue this trial past my usual two month mark to see some more results.

How Much Does The Professors Formula Cost?

If you wish to subscribe to The Professors Formula it costs £3.79 for your first month. After that you have 2 options.

Monthly – £14.95 per month

Quarterly – £29.95 per quarter

Final Thoughts On The Professors Formula

The Professors Formula shows a lot of promise but I’d like to continue trialing the service to see how the results pan out over the long term before staking any serious money on these selections.

I’ll should be back with a second review in a couple of months time to see how things have panned out.

If you want to follow along with my trial you can subscribe to the service at the link below.

Click Here To Subscribe To The Professors Formula