Trendsmania – Tipster Street Review

trendsmania review

trendsmania reviewTrendsmania is a horse racing tipster from Tipster Street that concentrates on trends data to make its daily selections.

This service sends out an email to subscribers each day between 9am and 11am advising that days bets.

Trendsmania will either recommend a 2pt win bet for horses priced under odds of 5.0 and a 1pt win and a 1pt place bet for horses priced above odds of 5.0.

The win or win/place advise in the emails is based on the current odds at the time the emails are sent out but all bets are advised at and recorded to the Betfair Starting Price.

Trendsmania has banked a profit of 174.54 points to date since it launched back in February 2013 and is currently showing a Return On Investment of 12.13%.


I started my 2 month trial and review of Trendsmania on the 28th of August. Below are my results.

All results are recorded to 1pt level stakes (as a pose to advised stakes) and all results recorded to Betfair SP with the standard 5% commission deducted from any winning bets.

You can also find out how Trendsmania would have performed to advised stakes over this same period in the stats below the main results.

In the results below, £10 has been assigned to represent 1 point.


trendsmania review results

Running Bank

trendsmania running bank

Trendsmania Stats

trendsmania stats

If you want to take a further look at these results you can download the spreadsheet here.

Depsite a decent start to the trial where the running bank quickly reached a high of 45.69 points, the trial of Trendsmania concluded with a small loss of -4.04 points to level stakes and a slightly larger loss of -27.72 points to advised stakes.

How Much Does Trendsmania Cost?

A subscription to Trendsmania will cost £4.99 for your first month. After that you have 3 options.

Monthly – £19.95 each month

Quarterly – £39.95 every 3 months

Lifetime – £159.95 for lifetime access

Final Thoughts On Trendsmania

After this trial of Trendsmania with a fairly large sample size of bets, trendsmania looks to be at best a fairly mediocre service.

It is not necessarily a bad service and looks to be capable of turning a long term profit but there are a number of tipsters I would be more interested in following first before considering following Trendsmania’s selections.

If you are interested in following this tipster you can subscribe to Trendsmania here.

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