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quentin franks racing

quentin franks racingQuentin Franks Racing is a horse racing tipster on the Betting Gods platform who advises bets every morning to 1pt and 2pt stakes, as well as sometimes advising ante post bets for future races.

This service has been running for a little over a year (July 2014) and in that time has produced a profit of 190.51pts with a strike rate of 24.69% and an ROI of 13.44%.

Quentin will usually send out his selections in an email at around 10am each morning and will sometimes send out a second email early afternoon if he has any further selections.

Quentin will always mention in his first email whether their is likely to be any potential selections in a further email so you don’t have to go checking your inbox all the time.

Quentin Franks Racing advises around 90 – 100 selections per month and has produced an average profit of 14.66pts per month to date.


I started my trial of Quentin Franks Racing back on the 25th of May. All my bets are recorded at the advised odds from BOG bookmakers which were available at the time I received the emails.

Quentin Franks Racing advises bets to either 1 or 2pt stakes, however, I review all tipsters to level stakes in order to provide a direct comparison between them.

For this reason all results below are recorded to 1pt level stakes, although, you can find a comparison of how this service would have preformed to advised stakes below my actual results.

My Results

quentin franks racing review

Running Bank

quentin franks racing review

Quentin Franks Racing Stats

quentin franks racing

If you wish to take a closer look at these results you can download my results spreadsheet here.

My trial of Quentin Franks Racing concluded with a total profit of 20.15pts and a strike rate of 25.91%.

Although this trial ended in profit it wasn’t all plain sailing. If you take a quick look at the running bank graph above you can see the running bank yoyo’ed a couple of times before ending up at 20.15pts profit.

This is pretty typical when following a horse racing tipsters and the variance isn’t so extreme for it to be a major worry. Looking back at this tipsters previous results shows that this variance is normal and there is a long term trend towards profit.

What I did find surprising though is the difference between betting to level stakes and betting to advised stakes.

Level 1pt stakes produced a profit of 20.15pts with a 10.44% ROI where as advised stakes of 1pt and 2pt’s produced a profit of 4.7pts and a 1.63% ROI.

This is mainly due to the fact there were more long odds winners than usual and more short odds winners than usual over the period of my trial.

This should average itself out over the long term with both methods producing similar ROI’s and advised stakes producing a greater profit due to more money being staked.

You can find full results for Quentin Franks Racing dating back to July 2014 on the Betting Gods website.

How much does Quentin Franks Racing cost?

Quentin Franks Racing is completely free for the first 14 days. After that if you wish to continue using the service you have 3 options.

Monthly – £39.95 + vat every month

Quarterly – £99.95 +vat every 3 months

For Life – £229.95 + vat

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

As with all of the Betting Gods tipster services, Quentin Franks Racing comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Final thoughts on Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin Franks Racing has preformed well over my trial and despite the results being a bit of a roller coaster it ultimately ended up making a nice little profit.

Whilst Quentin Franks Racing isn’t producing any mammoth profits it has been consistently chugging along producing an ROI between 10 – 15% most months for a little over a year now and it looks like it will continue to do so.

The yoyoing of the results experienced over the trial is fairly normal and should not be a concern if you are following a sound staking plan and bankroll management.

If you were considering following one or two tipsters I would not recommend this as one of them, however, if you were building a small portfolio of various tipsters to follow, Quentin Franks Racing would make a good reliable addition to that portfolio.

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