Chasing Profit Review

chasing profits review

chasing profits review

Update: The results claimed on this tipsters website differ greatly from the results recorded over the period of this review which leads me to believe the results claimed on their website are false.

If you’re looking for a tipster that you can trust you can find the tipsters I follow personally, along with their latest results here.

One of Winners Odds regular readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been conducting a review of a tipping service that goes by the name of Chasing Profit.

He has been following their selections since September 2014 and has started tracking there results in detail over the last couple of months for this review.

Here is what he had to say.

Chasing Profit is tipping service that provides tips for horse racing. They also advise tips for football too but I have only really followed the horse racing tips.

They appear to have two horse racing services. The one I’m following is their main service.

They also offer a ‘pay as you win’ service. I have not tried this so I won’t get into it here. Information is included on their website if you want to know more.

I have followed their tips since September 2014 but I think they have been around longer than this. (However the results archive on their website only dates back to September 2014)

You can see a summary of Chasing Profits Results going back to September 2014 by clicking here.

I wish they did a breakdown for each month as it would be nice to see how they calculated their results. (I am not sure if BOG and R4s are included)

They also haven’t updated the results archive since April 2015, which can be off putting for new people wanting to sign up, although,  according to their twitter page they are in the process of trying to update a few things.

The tips are sent via email each day, usually between 12-1pm but there is no set time and they will keep in touch daily to let you know if there are going to be any selections for the day or not.

They also sometimes advise tips the night before if they believe there is value in the early prices.

They also send emails later in afternoon sometimes as late as 3-4pm for the evening racing (claiming to wait for ‘info’ from ‘sources’)

I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I couldn’t really care if they are pulling in profits regularly.  The advised prices are usually available, sometimes you might get better odds and vice versa.

They advise bets anywhere between 0.25 pt – 3pt both win and e/w bets.  Mostly single bets and on the rare occasion a multiple bet.


As with all trials on Winners Odds, the results below are recorded to 1pt level stakes to allow for a better comparison between reviews for other services.

The bets for this trial were all placed with BOG bookmakers where possible. I have included details of how this service would have performed to advised stakes below the main results.


chasing profits results

Running Bank

chasing profits

Chasing Profit Stats

chasing profit stats

If you wish to take a closer look at these results you can download the results spreadsheet here.

The trial of Chasing Profit concluded with a total profit of 67.19pts to level stakes with a strike rate of 30%.

If you take a quick glance at the running bank you will notice that the majority of this profit came from the one bet near the start of the trial.

The bet was River Dart who won the 7:00 Goodwood on the 12th June at Best Odds of 34.00. This contributed a significant 41.25pts profit to the total profit of 67.19pts accumulated over this trial. (61% of the total profit)

That being said, Chasing Profit would still have made a decent profit of 25.94pts without that big winner which is fairly impressive in itself.

A similar amount of money would have been staked regardless of whether these selections were backed to level stakes or advised stakes as Chasing Profit often advise stakes as small as 0.25pts as well as bigger stakes of 3pts.

The main difference in the profit between level stakes and advised stakes comes from the River Dart bet where the level stakes were bigger than the advised stakes.

If you were to ignore the profits from the River Dart bet the ROI betting to advised stakes and betting to level stakes would be almost identical.

How much does Chasing Profit cost?

Chasing Profit has 3 different options depending upon how long you wish to subscribe to their tips for.

Monthly – £10.00 per month

Quarterly – £25.00 per quarter

Yearly – £99.00 per year

Final thoughts on Chasing Profit

Our reviewer says he has enjoyed using this service and will continue to do so.

Chasing Profit often explain the reasoning behind their selections which is always a sure sign of a knowledgeable tipster.

Update: Despite Chasing Profit performing well during this trial period, I have heard numerous complaints from ex members of this service and the results published on their results page differ wildly from the results recorded over this trial. If you are interested in following Chasing Profit then proceed with caution.



  • whats gets me about these conmen is their constant “inside” information they claim is being fed to them, and the horse is withdrawn,drifts out in the betting, beat early in the race etc etc. they seem to pick plenty of favs (” which we try to avoid” ) , recent one ,Salmon Sushi, advised 2pts (max is 3!!) only released late to allow owners the ‘higher odds’ advised at 9/2 returned 4/1… big bets indeed… as for the run….this quote from AtTheraces… ”slowly away, behind, headway over 1f out, ran on to go 2nd inside final furlong, no chance with winner”….

    also they send out plenty of ”nothing into the office today – back tomorrow” especially if they get beat the day before… for the PAYW ..oh boy … plenty beat on the ”best inside info” … OH YES THEY CAUGHT A WINNER RECENTLY ..11/8 |!!!! i say no more.

    • Yes Paul, I’m very skeptical about the “inside information”. Perhaps I need to take a longer overview of their services and see if they’re still profitable over a period of 4-6 months etc.

      As for the pay as you win, I’ve not tried it, but surely there wouldn’t be much money in it for them if the tips weren’t profitable? Or am I missing something?

      • the PAYW con , costs you monthly and apart from your own bet, you have to place a tenner on the selection and send the winnings to them!!!! … two runners today,,, they caught an 8/1 winner (tchd 9/1-more massive support !!) hung on by a nose in a class 5 , no word on other .. safe to assume stuffed…

        ps they claim a close contact in the george baker camp… strange how they miss many of his winners!!

        • Just reading their PAYW page now. I couldn’t believe the part where it says you have to place a £10 bet for them and send them the winnings as well as paying for the membership itself.

          No mention of them paying you if the bet loses.

          Definitely one to avoid.