Dogs Go About Betting All The Wrong Way

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As I’m sitting here at my desk typing this, my dog is sound asleep at my feet, and I can tell he must be dreaming as he’s quietly barking away to himself.

It must be nice to lay around dreaming all day… It’s a dogs life.

Anyway… this got me thinking about dreams, goals and how most people never achieve most the goals that they set themselves.

I’ve often seen people either setting betting goals themselves, or advising others to set a betting goal for themselves as a way of taking their betting more seriously.

And like most goals people set for themselves, there usually not achieved.

And reason why most goals are never achieved is because the whole idea of goal setting is fundamentally flawed.

Let me explain.

Setting big goals doesn’t work because there are usually too many factors involved in those goals that are out of your control. E.g. someone sets a goal to make £10,000 this year from their betting. There are a huge number of factors involved in the goal that are mostly out of their control. Luck will play a huge role in determining whether or not that goal is reached.

So instead of focusing on big goals that you can’t control, it’s more effective to focus your energy on small actions that you can control.

You can’t control whether a bet you place is going to win.

But you can control whether or not you take some time each day to go through a race card, make a case for a horses chances of winning a race and have a bet if you think the odds on that horse are good value.

And you can control whether you choose to follow a proven and profitable tipster service and place bets on the tips advised each day.

The point I’m trying to make is it’s not worth your time trying to control things that are mostly out of your control.

You’ll see much better results by focusing on what you can control in your betting.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull