Bet When There’s Blood On The Tracks

It’s often said that there are two emotions that drive markets.

Greed and fear.

This is most often said about the stock markets, but it’s also very true of the betting markets.

People will happily bet their money on horses whose odds are quickly shortening because they think that “smart money” must be driving those odds down. (Greed)

And vice versa. (Fear)

Back to the stock market for a quick second.

The advise for the shrewd investor who wants to capitalize on these emotions is to buy when there is blood on the streets.

Meaning that it’s a smart move to buy stocks when the price is low after a lot of people have panic sold that stock, as you will take advantage of the markets emotional over-reaction.

But should you bet when there is “blood on the race track”, so to speak.

The answer: Maybe yes.. Maybe no…

If you have analyzed the race and have at least a rough idea of a horses chances of winning the race — if the odds on that horse significantly increase to the point where you think that it’s now a good value bet, then by all means have a bet on it.


You should never bet on a horse for the sole reason that is either drifting (odds increasing significantly) or steaming (odds decreasing significantly).

If you do, you are making a betting decision that is based solely on the emotions of other people, which is never a good idea.

Don’t bet if you’ve not a chance to have an in-depth look at the race before hand.

Or if you don’t have the time to analyze a race, you can have an expert do all the hard work for you.

Such as a proven a profitable tipster.

Here’s some I recommend:

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull