The Robots Are Coming

evil robot steals punters money
There’s a good chance your attention span is shortening, and if so, it’s probably hurting your betting.
I remember reading about a study carried out on air force pilots that showed that a single small distraction in a 1 hour flight doubled the chances of that pilot making an error. I don’t know exactly how they measured that, and I can’t seem to find the study, but the point is that even just a single small distraction can have disastrous effect on your concentration.
Think of your typical workday.
How many distractions do you typically experience in an hour?
If your job is anything like most peoples I imagine it’s a great deal more than one. Whether it’s ringing phones, or questions from co-workers or the boss.
And it’s also widely believed that more often we spend in this distracted state, and the less time we spend in deep thought, the harder it can be to deeply concentrate on something in the future when you need to.
Which is one of the reasons I don’t own a smartphone, and the phone that I do have mostly remains on silent.
Work that involves deep thought is becoming more valued and work that only involves a shallow level of though is frequently being replaced with automation and artificial intelligence.
It could be a long way off before this sort of thing becomes the norm.
But we’re already seen the introduction of self service checkouts at supermarkets and we’re starting to see cars that can pretty much drive themselves.
If you want put yourself on the upside of this growing trend, it would seem you are either going to have to learn to work with and use AI is some sort of creative way that benefits you – This will require deep concentrated thought.
Or the other option is to own, invest in, or work for a company that creates AI, or automated systems.
Let’s get back to looking at this in terms of betting.
Working with AI from a betting perspective will likely involve using some sort of database that can run through huge amounts of information and return answers to various queries you ask it.
If you’re interested in betting on horse racing, there are plenty of databases available, some you can maintain yourself and give you more flexibility such using something like the Smartform database with database software such as MySql.
Or there is horse racing database software/websites that are little bit more user friendly such as Proform Racing, or HorseRaceBase.
This sort of software alone won’t give you an edge, but asking it the right questions will. And working out the right questions to ask it will only come from deep concentrated thought free of distractions.
The other option is investing in AI. The betting equivalent of this would be to invest in a tipster that uses database tools and automation in their selection process.
Every tipster will have their own methods of finding horses that make good value bets, and they aren’t likely to give up their secrets. But I’d wager that a good deal of tipsters use some form of automation as part of their selection process.
They’d be daft not to.
You can find all the tipsters I recommend following an follow myself at the link below:
Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull