What Odds Range Should You Bet At?

The real profit from betting comes from sticking with a strategy that works for the long haul.

So it makes sense to choose a strategy that is going to suit your temperament, otherwise you are likely to quit before you really get started.

And by that I mean that if you can’t stand long losing runs, you should probably avoid betting on long shots, as the odds you typically bet at will effect the length of losing runs you are likely to experience.

Betting on horses at high odds will result in longer losing runs, and will require patience and a larger bankroll as a result.

On the other-hand, if you bet on horses at lower odds your losing runs won’t be as long, but your wins will not be as big either.

The mistake a lot of punters make is they think that they have to bet on long shots in order to be getting “value”, but that simply isn’t the case.

Value exists where a horses odds are greater than the horses true chances of winning.

This can occur at both high and low odds. So you shouldn’t use that as an excuse not to bet on horse.

I prefer to mainly bet on horses at odds range between 2.00 and 10.00, but I’ll happily have the occasional bet on horses outside of that range as well.

So what odds range do you think suits you?

Whatever your answer to that question, you should be able to find a tipster who usually advises bets within it.

You can view all the tipsters I use myself and recommend, along with the average odds that they advise their bets at, at the link below:


Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull