An Interview With Jason James – Quantum Racing

JJ_mainbannerI recently got the chance to interview the man behind The Secret Betting Club’s Quantum Racing tipster service, Jason James.

Jason talks about what led him to becoming a tipster and shares some interesting details about his selection process.

You can read the full interview below:

What first sparked your interest in betting and what led you to becoming a racing tipster?

My dad got me into betting and horse racing as far back as I can remember.  I got into tipping myself after watching races and seeing things during races that  most punters over looked. After sharing my selections for a period of time on numerous forums to demonstrate selections were profitable. I have now got to the stage providing a quality service for a number of clients.

What does your typical day go like and what do you find to be the best and the worst thing about working as a tipster?

Future selections  start with watching racing every day. Selection process starts for the next day the night before. I will go through the cards and look into any horses that may have been flagged up in my horse-tracker. Getting up around 4am the next day my selection process goes into its next phase where I will review all form and check out the going and see what the weather forecast is for the days racing. After watching previous races for possible selections I will start the final process where I will check the market and see if the price compares to my odds calculation of a selection and weather I feel value can be had at the current price. I believe entering the market at the right time is key to long term profits.

What do you think makes your tipster service stand out from the countless others out there?

Honesty, profits and understanding the market. I do care for my clients regarding all aspects of a tipping service. Customer service, direct contact, knowledge sharing and of course value selections week in week out.

What time of day do you typically send out your tips emails and how many bets do you usually advise?

I like to think the service runs like clockwork and from client feedback i know most members have not experienced customer service like it. Selections are sent out daily in two time windows. 8am to 8.15 am and on occasions 10am to 10.15am. 1 to 5 selections a day. 0.5 to 3 point staking plan. 3 being a maximum win bet and 1.5 point each way being a maximum each way bet.

All selections come with a write up stating the reasons behind a selection. There is also a review of each selection containing info and thoughts on the race, market movements, SP, BFSP and result with Profit/Loss figures on each selections and on the day.

Every Monday weekly results updates are sent out showing weekly profit figures to advised prices and BOG, Return On Investment Figures, with a detailed spreadsheet of all selections advised price, SP, BFSP, P/L  etc. and a link to a independent racing proofing site . A monthly results update is also sent out showing similar details for the month.

I am happy to be contacted directly from any members with feedback or any questions. This is welcomed as its what I am here for.

I know that a big issue with a lot of major tipping services is that it can often be difficult to get your bet on at the odds the tipsters advise. I noticed that your service comes with what is described as a “fair odds settlement policy”. Could you tell us a little bit more about what this means?

My fair odds policy is simple and straight forward. At the time I advise a price it will be available with at least 3 major bookmakers and i must say it is more often than not available with many more. I do not include firms like Stan James, Sporting Bet, 888 as major bookies.

I state the advised price and the firms who are offering the price with every selection. I will also state the best price available and the firms who are offering the best price but this is not my my advised price as there must be at least 3 major firms offering the price.

BOG is not included in my profit figures as it is the advised price only. Although on our results update profit figures are separated calculated for advised prices and BOG for those clients who can achieve BOG.

Where can people who are interested in giving your service a try sign up?

They can find full details on my service, including results spreadsheets via my Quantum Racing page at

I am one of the very few Premium Tipsters that the Secret Betting Club team up with – something I am very proud of!