What Are The Odds Of That?

Have you ever asked the question, what are the odds of that?

Well now you can know by using the tissue price tool at Winners Odds.

I often find it a lot easier to think of a horses chances of winning a race in terms of a percentage as a pose to odds.

But when it comes to placing a bet, I need to know how the percentage chance of a horse winning translates into odds, so I can know if I am going to be taking value by betting on that horse.

In the case of horses that have a 50% chance of winning a race, the horses odds should obviously be even money. But not all percentages are as easy to translate into decimal odds off the top of your head.

So I put together a little spreadsheet that takes care of all of the calculations.

I use it a lot in my own betting, and you may find it useful too.

Here’s the link to the tool:


It’s a useful little tool for helping to pricing up races.

But remember , the tool only as good as you are.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull