Take the Smarkets Challenge


Smarkets has got to be my favorite betting exchange.

And why is that?

Simply put, they charge the lowest commission on winning bets than any other betting exchange.

At Smarkets you only pay 2% on winning bets. That’s 2 and 1/2 times lower than Betfair!

Smarkets are Copying Betfairs Odds

And not only do they charge a lower commission, they are also copying the Betfair Exchange odds.

I know what some of you are thinking, it’s only a 3% difference and you are used to the Betfair interface.

Well that 3% difference can quickly add up to 100’s of extra £ each month.

I know who’s pocket I’d rather that money be in. And it isn’t the betting exchange.

£10 Sign Up Bonus

They are even offering a £10 sign up bonus.

Simply sign up and deposit at least £20. If your first bet loses they will refund your account with a matched bonus up to £10.

smarkets sign up

Take the Smarkets Challenge

Start using Smarkets for all your bets that you would normally put through Betfair for a week and see how much extra you earn.

Whether you arbitrage betting, backing and laying free bets or following a tipster. Those commission savings will soon start to add up.

So what are you waiting for. Give Smarkets a try today!

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