Why Only Dafties Spend Money On Tips

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You won’t hear this talked about much.

But, when it comes to tipsters, (as well as any other time when you are parting with your money in exchange for information), there is a huge difference between spending money on information and investing in information.

If you just spend money on tips, you’re a daftie.

But if you invest in tips… That’s a whole different story.

You see I’ve recently been privy to the email open rate percentages for a tipster service that people have spent money to join. Long story short, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who actually pay good money for tips and then don’t open the emails with the tips in them. And it’s not because the tips are no good. This is a decent tipster.

Crazy, right?

If instead they chose to invest in those tips – or in other words, if they actually opened the emails and placed the recommend bets – they’d have more than paid for the cost of the tips by now and be making a nice little profit for themselves.

If you want proof of how the money made following a tipster can add up over time, just take a look at the Winners Odds tipster portfolio I’m always banging on about.

Or better yet, sign up to a trial of one of the tipsters in the portfolio and see the results for yourself.

So dinnae be a dafty.

Here’s the link: http://WinnersOdds.com/Tipster-Portfolio

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull