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1 point wins

1 point winsI first reviewed 1 Point Wins earlier this year between April and June and at that time the trial finished with small profit of 2.2pts, a fairly inconclusive result.

For that reason I have taken a second look at 1 Point Wins to see if they could deliver some results this time.

Since the last trial, 1 Point Wins has moved from 1PointWins.com to tipstersuperstars.com.

They claim the reason for this move was to help improve the deliverability of their daily tip emails as apparently some subscribers were not receiving their emails on time (although I have not experienced this issue).

As far as I am aware this issue has now been resolved.

1 Point Wins is a horse racing tipster who advises tips each day via email between 9am and 11am.

With 1 Point Wins their are no complicated staking plans you need to follow because as the name suggests, all selections are advised as 1 point win bets and the tipster advises that you place all bets at BSP (Betfair Starting Price).


I started the second trial of 1 Point Wins on the 21st of August 2015 and trialed the service for 2 months.

You can see the results of the trial below.

All results are recorded to BSP, betting £10 per point. The standard 5% Betfair commission has been deducted from all winning bets.

My Results

1 point wins review results

Running Bank

1 point wins running bank

1 Point Wins Stats

1 point wins stats

The trial got off to an okay start but the results soon turned sour and things quickly started running down hill.

The trial finished with a total loss of -33.81pts or -£338.11 to £10 level stakes.

How Much Does 1 Point Wins Cost?

You can get a completely free 30 day trial of 1 Point Wins by visiting their website and entering your email address. (No payment details are required).

After your trial is over, if you wish to continue receiving the tips you can subscribe to the service for £20 a month + Vat.

Final Thoughts on 1 Point Wins

I like the overall idea of the service that is 1 point win bets to BSP as this is very simple to follow but unfortunately the results just don’t hold up.

For this reason I cannot recommend subscribing to 1 Point Wins.

If you want to trial 1 Point Wins for yourself and draw your own conclusions you can sign up for a 30 day free trial here.

P.S. If you want to find some tipsters that are worth following you can check out the recommended tipster portfolio here.


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