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ante post king review

ante post king reviewAnte Post King is a tipster on the Tipster Street Platform that advises ante post bets on various sports.

A daily email is sent out to subscribers each day between 9am and 11am, however, there are not always bets advised every single day.

All bets are advised at the best bookmaker odds available at the time the email is sent out.

The service has been around since January 2013 and in that time claims to have made a profit of over 270 points.


I started my trial of Ante Post King on the 23rd of  July and have trialed this service for 3 months as a pose to the usual 2 month trial.

I have done this to get a larger sample size of bets due to the limited number of selections this service puts out and also to allow a number of the advised bets to settle as the bets are advised ante post and can be advised weeks in advance of the actual event taking place.

In the results below I have used £10 stakes to represent 1 point.

The results below are recorded to level stakes at the bookmaker odds advised although I have included stats on how Ante Post King would have performed to advised stakes below my results.


ante post king review results

Running Bank

ante post king running bank

Ante Post King Stats

ante post king stats

This trial of the Ante Post King finished with a total loss of -4.83 points to level stakes with a return on investment of -7.55%.

Although this was a somewhat disappointing result the service would have made a small profit of 0.84 pts over this same period if you were to have backed the selections to advised stakes.

How Much Does Ante Post King Cost?

A subscription to Ante Post King will cost you £5.99 for your first month. After that you have 3 options.

Monthly – £24.95 each month

Quarterly – £49.95 every 3 months

Lifetime – £199.95 for lifetime access

Final Thoughts On The Ante Post King

Although Ante Post King performed fairly poorly over this trial period, the trial still only has a very small sample size of under 40 bets to look at despite the extended trial period.

The past results of this service suggest that the Ante Post King may have some long term value so I am going to take a look back at this service in a couple of months time to see how it is getting on.

If you are interested in following this tipster you can subscribe to Ante Post King here.

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