The Golf Profiteer Review

the golf profiteer review

the golf profiteer reviewThe Golf Profiteer is Tipster Street’s one and only golf tipster who sends out an email every Wednesday at around 10am advising bets on up and coming golf tournaments taking place in the coming week.

The Golf Profiteer has been around since the start of 2013 and has made a profit every year so far with a total profit of 140.71 pts in 2013 and 85.54 pts profit in 2014.

It looks almost certain that 2015 is going to be another profitable year for The Golf Profiteer and it could possibly turn out to be this tipsters most profitable year to date depending on the results over the next couple of months.


I started my 2 month trial of The Golf Profiteer on the 12th of August. The tipster advises 1pt level stakes on the win market and the top 10 finish market.

In the results below I have used £10 to represent 1 point when staking.

All bets are recorded at the advised odds in the tips email that were available on the Betfair Exchange at the time the email was sent out and the standard 5% Betfair commission has been deducted from all winning bets.

My Results

the golf profiteer results

Running Bank

the golf profiteer running bank

The Golf Profiteer Stats

the golf profiteer stats

The Golf Profiteer hit a fairly lengthy losing spell before hitting a big winner E. Grillo and finishing the trial with a total profit of £65.74 to £10 level stakes.

These sorts of long losing spells aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They are just par for the course (pun intended) when betting on large golf tournaments with a large number of competitors and if you are looking to bet on golf, it is something you will have to accept.

How Much Does The Golf Profiteer Cost?

You can pay just £2.49 to receive The Golf Profiteers selections for your first month. After that you have a few options.

Monthly – £9.95 every Month

Quarterly – £19.95 every 3 Months

Lifetime – £79.95 one off payment

Final Thoughts On The Golf Profiteer

The huge fields are what makes golf a notoriously difficult sport to tip, but The Golf Profiteer seems to managing to pull it off and is consistently making profits year after year.

If you are looking for a golf tipster to follow, you could do far worse than The Golf Profiteer. But as with all tipsters (and especially with golf tipsters) , you will have to take a long term view of the results and be able to put up with the losing spells in order to enjoy the big wins.

This service probably isn’t going to make a profit every month, but it has been consistently making an average of 100pts profit every year and shows no signs of stopping.

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