Should You Bet On Steamers?

It’s a widely held belief among recreational punters that you should look for, and bet on, “steamers”.

A steamer is a horse who’s odds have shortened significantly from its earlier odds.

And the opposite of a steamer is a drifter, which is a horse who’s odds have increased significantly.

The thinking behind betting on steamers is that the odds of the horse have likely decreased as a result of a large amount of being bet on that horse.

Presumably by somebody in the know who thinks the horse has a good chance of winning.

But is it actually profitable to back steamers or is it just a myth?

The truth is, it’s mainly just a myth.

While it may be true that a shrewd punter (or more likely a number of shrewd punters) “in the know”, have bet a large sum of money on horse, by the time the bookies have shortened their odds, there likely isn’t much value to be had in betting on that horse.

And as more and more bettors up and down the country bet on the horse because they’ve noticed it’s a steamer, the odds are likely to drop even further, making it an even poorer value bet.

Market movements alone are an awful reason for deciding to bet on a horse.

You’d do much better by relying on your own judgement, or the judgement of the expert, such as a tipster.

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Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull