There’s A Stalker On The Loose

Today I’m going to try and convince you of the merits of stalking horses.

No, I’m not suggesting you go about driving behind their horse boxes in your car, following them wherever they go.

Nor am I talking hiding in the bushes next to their stable with a pair of binoculars dangling from your neck.

I am however talking about following the results and watching the races of a select number of horses throughout the racing season.

The only way you are ever going to start turning a long term profit from betting on your own selections at the races is if you start specializing.

Horse racing is far too complex to become an expert in every single area of the sport.

It is however very manageable to become an expert in a small niche of racing and picking just a few horses to follow over a racing season is a great way to get started specializing.

Start by picking a few horse of similar age who tend to run in the same type of races.

You should then make sure to watch every race that your chosen horses run in. If you can’t watch the races live, there are plenty of places online where you can watch the replays later on.

When you’re watching these races, you should take notes on each of the horses that you are following.

Note down the distance of the race, the going, how well they ran and the overall results.

Write down as much as you can, the more you analyze these races, the information you will have to draw on when considering a bet on these horses in the future and therefore the more of an advantage you will have.

You don’t want to go backing the horses you are following blindly, but, if you suspect a horse has a good chance of winning a race for reasons that won’t be so obvious to the average punter just looking at the form then you should place a bet.

For example, if a horse ran fairly well last time out, but made a lot of mistakes on the jumps and still went on to win, there is reason to suspect that the horse could have won by a far greater margin if it had not made so many mistakes.

There is then reason to believe that the horse could run very well in it’s next again race once it got it’s jumping sorted out and take a lot of people by surprise.

You won’t be placing a whole lot of bets using this technique of following specific horses, but you will learn a lot about analyzing horse races and hopefully make some profit to boot.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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