Want My Bet? No Thanks


wantmybet?You might have heard a lot of buzz recently about a new social media platform centered around betting.

It goes by the name of Want My Bet?

What Is Want My Bet?

For those who don’t know, Want My Bet allows it’s users to place bets at William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betway and Boyle Sports, all through their Want My Bet account as well as well as allowing you to share your “top tips” with everyone.

Users will be ranked based on how much profit their tips produce, allowing users to follow the bets of other users who are putting out the best tips.

Currently the site only allows users to bet and tip on football but according to their FAQ page they are planning on adding more sports in the near future.

Here’s their advert which explains what they’re about.


Why Want My Bet Is NOT Your Best Bet

want my bet join the winnersUpon viewing the Want My Bet homepage, you will be greeted with a sign up form encouraging you to “join the winners”.

This message implies that you can just sign up, follow the tips of some people who seem to be winning money and hopefully you should make some money too.

The problem with this is it relies on profitable bettors using this site in the first place and Want My Bet is the last place that anyone who is actually making money from their betting would want to sign up to.

There’s a couple of reasons for this.

The main one that comes to mind is betting account closures and restrictions.

It is a well known fact that if you are successful at making money from your betting, you are going to experience account closures and heavy restrictions sooner or later.

And if you sign up for Want My Bet it is going to be sooner rather than later.

Being able to place your bets at multiple bookmakers, all in the one place such as Want My Bet would be a nice convenience, but it is account suicide if you’re a profitable bettor.

If you are a bettor who places their bets at multiple bookmakers, each bookmaker is only seeing a small part of the picture when it comes to your betting and have limited information to make account decisions on.

But if you’re placing the majority of your bets with multiple bookmakers through one medium (such as Want My Bet) it gives the bookmakers a much clearer picture of your overall betting.

And if the bookmakers don’t like the look of that picture (e.g. you’re winning too much from them) they will close your account or limit you to placing bets of no more than a few pennies.

The other question you have to ask is, why would any tipster who is worth their salt share their tips through Want My Bet?

According to the Want My Bet faq, here are the benefits to sharing your tips on their platform.

Any tip that a tipster shares includes a unique referral code. If anyone signs up to a bookmaker with that code the tipster receives commission. Also every month WantMyBet rewards the best tipsters with cash prizes as well as match tickets and merchandise.

A small commission for people who sign up for new bookmaker accounts and the chance of winning a cash prize and match tickets is not the kind of compensation that is likely to attract quality tipsters.

Their isn’t too many reasons why a profitable bettor wouldn’t want to share their tips with others as they can place their bets first and then advise the tip so as not to effect the odds they get on their own bet.

But there are far better ways for a good tipster to share their tips than Want My Bet.

If a tipster is actually any good and wants to share their tips with people, they would be better off having their tips proofed by a trustworthy tipster platform such as Betting Gods and if they were good enough to pass the tipster platforms rigorous proofing standards they would be able to make a good amount of money sharing their tips each day.

Want My Bet is likely to attract very low quality tipsters who are far from being experts and likely don’t know any better than the average punter.

It will be like the blind leading the blind.

If you just bet for “fun” then go ahead and join Want My Bet.

But if you’re serious about actually making some money from  your betting you should avoid it like the plague!

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