Racing Gold – £1874.40 In 7 Months

Racing Gold has proven itself to be a very reliable, a more importantly very profitable tipster service.

So when it had a slow month in December – making a small loss of 3.29 points – I wasn’t worried.

I knew that Racing Gold would be back to its winning ways soon enough.

And sure enough, it is.

The profit so far for this month alone is already +10.08 points.

That would mean a profit of £100.80, if you were betting small £10 stakes. Not a bad start to the new year.

Which takes Racing Golds’s total profit up to 187.44 points since I started proofing the results back in June last year.

Again, if you were betting just £10 per selection, that would mean a profit of £1874.40.

Which isn’t to shabby, considering all you have to do is check your emails each morning and place a few bets.

And there’s no trickery going on with those results. They haven’t been inflated with some dodgy staking plan.

Those are results you would have achieved betting at 1 point level stakes, at Betfair Starting Price, with the Betfair exchange commission of 5% deducted from all winning bets.

A lot of the readers at Winners Odds have been following Racing Gold for some time now, and have been reaping the rewards.

If you’re not already a Racing Gold subscriber, you’re really missing out.

But you don’t have to miss out on these profits any longer.

You can sign up here:

And if you’re quick, you’ve still got time to receive today’s tips.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull