Brilliant New Tipster Or Fake Gynecologist?

Did you see that news story a couple of weeks back about the fake gynecologist?

If not, here’s a quick recap. Some 18 year old guy in America rented an office, put on a white coat and opened the doors to his “holistic medical clinic” where he pretended to be a doctor and gave out medical advice to real patients.

This doctor went to great lengths to looks the part and got away with his act for a while.

And when it did get caught, it was revealed that he had previously been caught impersonating a doctor a year earlier too.

This is all very similar to the way dodgy tipsters operate.

They set up their website selling their tips, and they do their best to look the part.

Some are easy to spot with the fake screenshots of the hundreds of thousands of pounds in their betting and bank accounts.

Some are a bit more savvy and go to greater lengths to make themselves appear legit.

But inevitably, much like the fake doctor, they get found out when people who have bought into the service realize the results aren’t adding up. Eventually word gets round that they’re no good and they disappear, until they set up a new website under a false alias and do the whole thing all over again.

So how can you tell whether a tipster is the real deal, or just another fake gynecologist?

The proof is in the results.

A decent tipster will keep a record of their results and make that record easily available on their website. And ideally these results will have been proofed by a trusted third party who can verify that they are correct.

Such as all the tipsters in my own tipster portfolio.

I keep records of all the tipsters I follow myself and post them monthly.

You can view those results here:

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull