Evil Robots Steal Punters Money

evil robot steals punters money

evil robot steals punters moneyJust recently I got an email from a reader asking about some football predictor website.

The website in question claimed that its best “betting bots” could predict the outcome of a football match with over 70% accuracy.

Here’s the real deal:

The website actually ran over 40,000 bots which I can only assume pick selections randomly — since I highly doubt anyone took the time to program 40,000 unique bots that pick selections based on various factors.

And as for the 70% accuracy figure — it seems that figure is based upon predicting bets at odds between 1.7 and 2.1, and only seems to take into account the last 55 bets the bot has predicted (A very small sample size.)

Finally it mentions that out of their 40,000 bots, some show a 70% accuracy figure and others show as low as a 25% accuracy.

In other words, it’s all just random.

They try to suggest that you could just bet on the predictions of the best performing bots, but just because one of these bots has performed well randomly picking selections over its last 55 bets doesn’t mean it will perform as well with its next 55 random predictions.

So all you really get for paying to subscribe to this website is some bots that will pick bets randomly for you. Something we’re all more than capable of doing ourselves.

But it’s not just this football predictor bot that’s the problem. I’ve been seeing an awful lots of similar betting systems recently being promoted under the guise of them being “high tech software”.

There is only one way to make money from placing back bets, and that is by having the knowledge to know when a bet is good value, or by paying someone who does have that knowledge to advise bets for you to place.

So if any of these “high tech betting bots” aren’t based upon expert knowledge – (which the vast majority are not) -they can’t be profitable in the long term.

If you are looking to follow the bets of some experts who can spot good value bets – and are real humans, not evil robots – take a look at the tipster portfolio to see which tipsters I recommend following.


Until next time,

Kenny Turnbull