The Importance of Pace – Pace Analysis Part 1

In places like the US and Australia, pace analysis is a fundamental part of horse racing form study.

It’s considered a vital competent in determining how a race is likely to be run.

And it is…

But here in the UK, pace is rarely taken into account when analyzing a race. And not because it’s not an important factor, because it is.

Pace is an especially factor in determining the result of short races on the all-weather. This is because these types of races have less variables compared to other types of racing.

For that reason, if you were interested in getting started analyzing the likely pace of a race, I would recommend starting off with 5 and 6 furlong all weather races with less than 12 runners.

So how can you get started analyzing pace?

Well it’s not so straightforward…

The reason why pace is a rarely considered factor in the UK is because the information isn’t recorded and made available.

In US racing, sectional times are recorded and these are used to create pace ratings for each horse based on where that horse was positioned early in the race.

In the UK sectional times and pace ratings are not available to the general public – and whilst it would be possible to create your own sectional times from watching replays of every single race and using the furlong markers as reference points, this would be a huge undertaking and not worth the hassle.

However there is an easier way of analyzing pace in UK racing that doesn’t involve sectional times, and that’s by using in running comments.

By using this method you will be privy to information on pace that isn’t available to the general public. Which from a betting perspective is a HUGE advantage!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you how it’s done.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull

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