How To Find Your Own Selections

Analyzing sports to bet on can be very over whelming.

When analyzing a horse race and trying to work out which horse is most likely to win, there are so many different factors to consider.

Form, going, class, course, distance, field, weight, pace, jockey form, trainer form etc.

The list goes on and on.

And when you start comparing each of those individual factors for each horse against all the other runners in the race, you can easily see how a professional bettor could spend 3 to 4 hours studying just the one race.

So where is someone who is relatively new to the sport meant to even begin?

In order to make the task somewhat manageable, you will have to specialize.

Specialize in the type of race, (flat, hurdle, chase) the track surface (turf, all weather) and the race distance (sprints, or longer races).

You could even specialize further in certain classes of races and choose to only focus on fields with less than a certain number of runners.

Once you’ve decided what area of racing you are specializing in only focus on analyzing those races.

This should cut the amount of races your looking at down to 10 or less per week, depending on how specific your criteria is. (it will also depend on whether it is the right time of year for that type of racing).

When you specialize as much as this, analyzing races becomes much more manageable and over time your knowledge of your chosen type of racing will grow.

You’ll start to notice little details that most bettors and bookmaker odds compilers will miss giving you an edge.

It takes a little bit of hard work and dedication to get to that level, but that’s what it takes to pick your own winning selections.

Once you’ve specialized in one niche of racing, you can start studying another niche and keep expanding your betting knowledge from their.

This concept of specialization isn’t limited to horse racing.

It can and should be applied to any other sport you are interested in betting on.

Making money from sports betting can be daunting task, but it is very achievable through specialization.

Whilst your specializing in one specific area of betting, you could also consider following a tipster and taking advantage of their specialist knowledge of their chosen areas of betting.

Until next time,
Kenny Turnbull